Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Girly Christmas!!

I have never really had a "girly" Christmas before. But this one is going to be fun! I'm not sure how I got such a girly girl--I never was, and I still lack most of the social graces to even be considered feminine!! But Blakelynn is all girl--even if her name isn't!

She knows that she is getting a vanity for Christmas. You know, a big one that she can still use in high school as she primps for dates (yikes!!). There is a beautiful one at Target that will be perfect in her room. My fear...she will never leave it! She will literally sit in front of her mirror and brush her hair all day long!

To make matters worse...she fully understands the use of said vanity!! Last night we were in Meijer (like a Super Target) and we were wandering through the toy section and she pulled out this darling little bag of play makeup. Walks up to me and says, "I need this for Christmas too, cause it will go perfect with my vanity!" Yes--she's four!! I'm in trouble!


Karen said...

LOL She is such a cutie.