Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Pictures!!

Welcome to our Halloween 2007 experience! Four ghosties, goblins, princesses and furry red creatures!! I let each child choose what they wanted to be, and this is what I got in return!

I think they all look so great--although with Halloween being so early in the day due to the move in Day Light Savings--you don't get to see that Jacob (skeleton) has a mask that not only lights up--it changes colors. Very creepy!

Grayson had his heart set on Scream clear from last year. I do have to say that this little choice was a bit of a disappointment. When Grayson was little he took as much 'pleasure' in Halloween as I did. He was my one child that "got it"! I could dress Jake up as anything I wanted--and he always looked great. At the age of three--Grayson was done with me telling him what to be--he wanted to be Harry Potter, and that was that! So I made him a Harry Potter costume and he looked AMAZING! The next year he let me know that he would be a knight. Again, not a fun costume to make--but again--he looked smashing! Then came Kindergarten and the first store boughten costume, Darth Vader. I hated it! It just cheapened our whole experience together. But if truth be told--Grayson hates masks--so he was a really cute Darth Vader as well. Last year came Captain Jack Sparrow--and again a store purchased costume--and again, I was amazed at just what an amazing Pirate he was! I will put up photo's of all of these adventures a little later--but lets just say...NOTHING remotely COOL about Scream!!

Blakelynn was a Princess! It was either that or a bride, and the world today--I was not up for a four year old bride! Just kidding--I found
this darling princess dress at Target--but it wasn't a Disney Princess dress and it wasn't a costume--so it held up just a little better. She looked darling--and knew that after Trick or Treat was over, she would be able to wear the dress as a dress up dress anytime she wanted. I woke up the next morning and found a pile of PJ's at the bottom of her bed and found her in full regalia watching TV in the family room. She went everywhere in that dress the next day--grocery store, book store--you name it--she wore it there! Finally on day three--I decided that drastic measures needed to be taken--and we bought 2 more clearance costumes at Target. So she's been a cheerleader ever since! A really cute one as illustrated over at our Nykaza family blog.

Barrett wanted to be Diego--but really, a little boy dressed in shorts and a t shirt on a chilly, crisp Halloween evening--I don't care what the rescue pack can turn into on the show--my baby would have turned into a Popsicle!! So mom vetoed that idea, and really worked hard to sell him on the 'warm and fuzzy' Elmo costume! Actually--I just showed him the costume online and he was sold! He made a really cute Elmo--but wasn't sure about his hat--one minute it was up, the next down and the next he was trying to get it back up. Luckily it was attached or we definitely would have lost it before the big night!

All in all it was a fun night! Dad went trick r treating with us and it was fun to see our new neighborhood. Then we headed to Gramma Jo's house for a real Italian meal! I can't wait for next year, although my Jake let me know that this would be his last year doing this! Kinda sad that they grow up so quick!


Lynne said...

They all look great! I'm with you on the store bought costumes, they just don't look as good as the kids want them to, but sometimes we have to go with it!
It was strange for us this year being some place where it was 80 out during the trick-or-treat hours. We've always had to consider how our daughter would wear a coat with her costume in the past.

Leigh said...

I loved this post! It brought back such great memories of when my kids were little and I'd dress them up for Halloween. Your kids are completely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! :)