Monday, March 23, 2009

Time To Say Good Bye

Tomorrow is the going away party for my kids. We have about 15 kids invited, but no one has RSVP'd! I don't mind--I'm all for showing up if you can, but I'm very happy that I opted to just go to Chuck E. Cheese with my coupons rather than booking a party not knowing who all is coming.

We are doing it on a Monday night-so I'm hoping one of the long tables is 'un-reserved', but if not-we will just get 3 booths next to each other. If a group of 15 kids is anything like my kids--they rarely eat at the same time (if at all) so who cares if we aren't all sitting in one long line.

I figure I can get out the door having spent $100 to feed and 'token' all 18 children which is shocking considering the exact same thing for a birthday party this size would have cost $187!! I'm also thinking cupcakes are a ton cheaper than a cake--so now all I need is a new memory stick to keep the memorable moments of the night, safe and sound!