Sunday, May 17, 2009

Horses & Bulls

This past Friday we headed out to a local dining establishment that offered dinner and an amazing show. My in laws took all six of us out and honestly, I was thrilled that my kids enjoyed it as much as they did. Half way through the show, my oldest leaned over and said, "This would be great as a video game!" I laughed and replied, "Video game...I wanna horse!"

Not that we have the room for a horse or bull at our house, and especially not the horse & cattle supplies that go along with them, but there was something deep within that actually longed to care for these beautiful animals. My 9 year old wants a black stallion, but I was mesmerized by the bone white mare with a silky white mane.

It won't happen in this lifetime, but oh to dream of the freedom that comes with riding a horse.