Thursday, May 28, 2009

Squishy Bedding

I cannot explain how badly I want a sleep number bed! Truly, it consumes my morning thoughts as I lazily stretch my way out of a bed I would rather spend another 3 hours in, but due to various aches and pains and a snoring husband--I can't bear another moment in.

My husband knows me pretty darn well. I'm a soft and cuddly kinda gal. He knows that I have no other desire for Christmas/Mother's Day/Birthday's ect--than a new down pillow. These babies are like $75 each--but oh, the heaven of sinking my head into them. Plus you get the added bonus of sound control. When the buzz saw next to me hits astronomical proportions, I throw one of these puppies over my head, and it nearly drowns him out!

So if a squishy pillow is such heaven, can you imagine how amazing I'd sleep with a whole squishy bed? My husband was in a car accident early on in his life, and has to sleep on a mattress that is as stiff as a board. Sadly--I share a bed with him, so there goes my dream of a squishy bed---unless, I can turn in all of my present holiday's pillows--and transform them into one amazing bed!! I just wonder what my true sleep number is???