Monday, October 02, 2006


I do not understand Christians. I am one, although most of my life other "christian" religions have decided that my church isn't one, and with what Christianity and "Christians" have become, I'm glad that in their eyes, I'm not like them!

My church has the name of Jesus Christ in it's name and yet other churches who don't--hate us!

My church teaches us about the nature of Christ, loving, kind, gentle, meek, humble, understanding, accepting! Yet so called Christians don't act like that!

My God teaches us to love our fellow men, as we love ourselves or our family. Yet other good Christians spread hate, and intolerance.

My God teaches that we judge not, lest we be judged. However, you have good Christians that hate people based on their race, or their sexual preference.

Everyone in this day and age has an oppinion on what's moral, what's virtuous, what's godly! Yet the things that they espouse are anything but!

I've heard it said that the "Liberals" are trying to take God out of everyday life. To be rid of Jesus once and for all. I am not liberal, in fact, I'm very much a conservative. But must agree that if the above god is the "god" they are trying to be rid of, good riddance!

If you are going to profess to following Jesus--the least you can do is learn about him, and then act as he would! The world wouldn't need to be rid of anyone then!