Saturday, October 28, 2006

Barrett's Birthday Presents!!

Well, my little man scored for his birthday! He got this super cool basketball hoop from his uncle Bob. He loved it, he wants to be just like his big brothers in all that they do-but he's just a little short to be able to make a basket! Uncle Bob to the rescue for this one!!

Gramma Jo and Grampa gave him a "Bing Bing" xylophone piano. He loves it too, but not as much as Blakelynn does. She's very musical as well!

Mom and dad got him a cute outfit for his portraits and the neighbors got him a gift card to Toys R Us--but the winner of the gift giving favorite hall of fame came from Grams in Utah. She got him all of his Bob the Builder bedding for his new toddler bed!! Score Grams!!