Sunday, October 29, 2006

MJ's 1st Halloween Party!!

Yesterday MJ had a Halloween party for a friend at school! I totally forgot to RSVP so in my style--he wasn't going to go. But he talked to the boy in school on Friday and got the ok to come anyway! There was a costume contest, and games and pizza. His best friend Michael from next door was invited as well, which made the party perfect for my boy! On the way home, Michael's dad invited MJ to go with them to a Haunted House. He was ecstatic! They got there and waited in line for an hour. Finally got in and to the first room where Michael was terrified, so they came home. I asked MJ if he was scared too, and he said that he was just a little bit--but that he wouldn't have wanted to continue if Michael wasn't there, so he was fine! All in all, he had a great day!!!