Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Perfect Attendance!!

Today was the first awards assembly of the year. They have one after each grading period. My boys worked so hard and earned perfect attendance ribbons. They have talked about them for months, so it was nice for them to finally get to take them home. They did great on their report cards as well. MJ got an A+ in spelling, and A in math, and a B+ in both reading and penmanship. DG got an A+ in reading, an A in penmanship, and an A+ in math. Next week, he will start the advanced reading program. He currently is reading at a third grade level--so he's really doing great!

It's fun to see that they both really enjoy school, and love to go everyday. This year has even been an exceptionally easy year in getting up on their own and getting their homework done! Great job guys!!!