Friday, May 08, 2009

100,000 Mark!!

I'm battling Cyber Ghosts today! I have posted this post three times--and it shows up for around 3 minutes and then disappears! Hmmmmmm, we'll try it again!

As many of you know--my husband just went through an opening of a new restaurant! He has been putting in a ton of hours - and his poor body just really isn't geared for it! Well, they have been open for 3 weeks-and they have nearly hit the $100,000 mark in sales! That is just mind boggling to me! I've known they are always busy--but I guess I didn't fully translate that into sales!

I'm very proud of him! He's working so hard--and honestly he is loving "nearly" every moment! Leaving the house before the sun comes out being one thing he doesn't enjoy--coming home after dark--is the other! Unless he steps outside for a minute--he doesn't see the sun at all!!