Monday, February 26, 2007

Academy Awards!!

I didn't watch the awards--I never do. I haven't seen any of the movies up for any of the awards, and honestly--I really don't care! I did catch the moment when Abby Breslin and Will Smith's son were presenters. Little Man Smith made a mistake--and it was just darling. What a cute little boy!

I did catch a bit of the post awards show on E TV. Yes, apparently we get to MILK the one show for all it's worth. But there was a ticker-tape down at the bottom of the screen. I haven't seen The Departed-so I don't even know who is in it, but I was happy that Martin Scorsese finally got to win. Jennifer Hudson was all we heard about-so I wasn't surprised that she won-but also didn't know who she was up against. Helen Mirren is GREAT in just about everything she does-so it wasn't a surprise that she won. The stupid Al Gore documentary on the fallacy Global Warming won--I found that laughable-but then remembered--Oh Yeah- this is Liberal Hollywood, and it made much more sense.

All in all--I didn't know any of the things that one--but don't understand how the ticker tape can get through the list of winners in about 20 seconds--but they expect us to sit through a 4 hour awards show!!!