Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back On Track!!

We are moving back into the potty training stage with Barrett. We were nearly there when we took a 3 hour airplane ride with the ever dreadable trip to the car rental agency-have you noticed car rental agencies are soooooo slow! Anyway with the prospect of not having the chance to get Barrett to the toilet as often as he needed, I pulled back on the potty training. We went to diapers just before our trip. I can tell you--HE WAS NOT HAPPY!

One of the "Rights of Passage" that we have in this house (we have a ton)--but when potty training we take the trainee to the store and they get to choose the "big boy" underpants of their choice. Barrett chose Elmo and loves wearing his little shorts around. I was kind of amazed he chose a Sesame Street theme. My kids were not raised watching Sesame Street-they had the Elmo dolls and such-but not really the show. Barrett has discovered the show because they brought it back to PBS Kids.

So he was back in diapers full time--not happy about it--but now--a week later--we are going to start the mastery of self-----again!! I'll have to put a picture up of the big boy in his big boy pants!!