Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sick, Sick, Everywhere Sick!!

I'm am sooooooo bad to myself! I am sick--I have been sick for nearly 2 months. I haven't been to a doctor, and I can't complain about feeling like crap! Last night I stayed up late and read other peoples blogs. I was so impressed with so many of them. It's amazing to learn that people who SEEM to be models of perfection--are human, and fallible--just like me! It's also fun to read blogs of people you've never met before-or haven't really had much interaction with--but as you read, you can see that you would be very good friends if you lived next door.

Around 2 am, Grayson (sleeping on my side of the bed) woke up just enough to lift his head and vomit all over my "spot"! YUCKY! So I get him cleaned up and outta my bed--clean up my spot--steal the comforter that has been slimed-and sit back down at the computer. Less than an hour later he was up again--he sludged his bed. So I go in and clean that up, cover his bed with a thick blanket, snuggle him back down and head back to the computer. I'm starting to see a pattern of a sleepless night-so why lay down to make getting up that much harder!!

An hour later--he's up again--HOLY COW--how much does this boys stomach hold!! He finally chooses to sleep next to a bucket on the floor in front of the radiator. Several more times throughout the night--I could hear him retching. This morning he ran to the bathroom--while throwing up the pressure on his stomach sent the lower "goop" shooting out the back. He was MORTIFIED! So we got him cleaned up (again) and he is sleeping on the couch. I think that is where he will be most of the day--he got very little sleep.

When my husband went to work at 6 this morning he said that Jacob had also been throwing up. So here I am---still sick--already have a house falling apart due to absence and neglect--and now have little fires to put out all over the house!!

I got very little sleep, and I'm still sick! I need to call a maid! Not that I would let anyone in my house in this condition!!!