Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blah-ging Day!!

I have spent more time in front of this computer today than I have in a very long time! Well, I guess considering I took a week off--I'm making up for lost time! I have a week's worth of zero income so I had to attempt to make up for that today!

It was just nice to be able to sit and type! I was able to get Grayson's birth story in today--his is kind of a special one to me. He was born in Phoenix, and we flew into Phoenix on his birthday. I wanted he and I to have to opportunity to go to his hospital and spend some "happy" time there the night of his birthday. I know it sounds sappy and dumb--but I almost lost him, and he's fine now. Perfect, and happy, and smart and FINE!!

Tomorrow I need to kick into gear and get the house clean. I'm still sick--I think we are going for the record with this one! Today was MISERY in that department. My lungs and throat are burning from coughing so hard, and my head is going to explode due to the congestion! Not a fun day!

But my kids are home tomorrow and I'm setting out a whole new routine with quick rewards as well as really cool distant rewards!! I hope it goes over as well as I'm thinking it will! When my boys realize it has to do with Michael Jordan basketball cards--they should be go for just about anything!! I'll let you know!!