Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Black Hole Of The House!!

I FINALLY got the boys bedroom cleaned out today! It was a messy black hole! I've been avoiding it since New Years--or maybe before. The boys love to attempt to play basketball in their bedroom, and have actually broken one of their beds. I assumed it was just the boards underneath the mattress that hold them up-but I have to tell you--I was WRONG! It's actually the rail that holds the boards--and it is completely un-fixable!!

So I did what any ticked off Mom would do! I took their beds down, and they are actually sleeping on their mattresses but they are up on storage boxes instead of their bed frames. I turned the huge toy box around to face the wall. No one plays with the toys in the toy box anyway--so instead of having them dig through the box and dump everything out--I made it in accessible!

The linen closet has been moved to the little kids room--so now--there just isn't much in their room to make a mess with! Hopefully-that will help keep it clean!