Saturday, February 24, 2007

Grand Champion!!

We just got home from our second Pinewood Derby! Last year, Jake won Grand Champion out of the entire field! He was a Wolf scout. This year he is a Bear, and he had some very stiff competition! The winner of the Weblos group was a tank-and we thought the tank would win it all--but in the end--Jake pulled it out! So for the second year in a row--and only our second Pinewood Derby--He was the Grand Champion!

I was telling my mom on the way home--the thing you fear most--is the thing you master. As a woman--there is nothing more intimidating than a Pinewood Derby-but after making two pinewood cars and winning with both--I guess I should be able to say--I'm not scared of it anymore. And I'm really not--it's just a TREMENDOUS amount of stress!!

My batteries to my camera died even before the racing began-so all of the pictures I do have are on my phone! As soon as I figure out how to get them off of there--I will get some photo's up! It was a BEAUTIFUL car!!


Stephanie Smith said...

Congratulations Jake! But most of all Congratulations Mom, because I know it was YOUR car as much as it was his! You did a great job!