Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blakelynn's First Date!!

Well--tonight is my little girls first date! I don't know how she managed it--but she got the most popular boy to ask her out! I can't even get him to do that! Now you may be a little confused on this--but Blakelynn is 4, and her date is her Daddy!

He called on the way home from work just before Christmas. Diego was coming to town and since he always takes the boys out on "dates" to 'guy stuff' -- he really wanted to take his little girl out too. So she got tickets to Diego with dad for Christmas.

Diego is tonight!! So I'm helping her get all dolled up for her date! I still don't know how she managed that one!! I can't even get a night out with that man!!

Pictures come tomorrow!!


Karen said...

That brought tears to my eyes it is so sweet!