Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Dish!!

She kissed him!! On the first date!!! What kind of daughter have I raised???

You know when something momentous happens and you just see growth in your children? I can't quite put my finger on it--and I'm not saying a night out with dad suddenly grew my 4 year old up. It may just be that she is more fully able to express herself than when she was younger--but when Blake got home she told me all about her evening with such excitement and such detail--that she just seemed a little more grown up than when she left!

Diego was there, and Dora and Alicia and Baby Jaguar. And guess who else mom, guess?? The BoBo Broders (Brothers--for those of you who don't know 4 year old speak!!) I heard how the BoBo's stole Baby Jaguar's growl and Diego had to help him get it back. There was a parade, and she even emptied her pocket of paper confetti shot out by the "lights". She brought them home for her scrapbook. I'm going to say Daddy knows his wife really well!!

She got a new Diego T-shirt and they had VIP tickets--so she got a whole bunch of other cutesy items as well! She loved it! And I'm just thrilled for her and dad to have had this bonding time together!!