Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Check Off Missouri, Boys!!

I am a queen scrapbooker for my kids! We have VOLUMES!! Silly things are kept and carefully added to each page! No---I really don't think they will want them later--and I'm sure their spouses will have objections to taking 16 volumes of my childs life with them into their first apartment (not really, since they get my child when they marry them, but they don't get my books--until I DIE!!!)

In these books, we have a map of the United States. Each state that they have visited is colored and there is a picture and date to coincide with each visit! Well, last night flying home from Phoenix--we got to add another state!

That's right!! Here's the story!!

O'Hare airport was closed--so glad we booked out of Midway--but so many of Midways flights had been cancelled as well! I was sure they would cancel our flight as well--but they didn't! We actually got into the plane and into the air--right on time! So we are flying--and it's still snowing in Chicago--so we are all just betting that we will be spending the night in Omaha or other such nonsense--but we didn't! We made it all the way to Midway Airport! Where we HELD!!

They closed our runway for snow removal--not a surprise--so we went into a holding pattern with MANY other planes. We circled and circled and circled... until...what??? The Captain is on the speaker!! Are we landing?? Could it be??? NOPE!!! We were low on fuel and couldn't hold any longer! So we were diverted back to Kansas City Missouri!

An hour later we were in the gate, in Missouri, getting fuel and waiting/hoping to take off again for Midway! So I woke my kids up--snapped their photo's --and told them---Congrats guys!! You can check Missouri off of your list!! They didn't have a clue what I was talking about--they didn't care either! It was dark--didn't see ANYTHING!! Didn't leave the Airplane-so I'm not sure we could even count seeing the airport! But we were physically in Missouri! Not that their physical body actually touched "Terra Firma", but something that their physical bodies were strapped to was physically touching Missouri!!! Count it!!!

We left MO about an hour later, and headed the hour back to Midway. By this point we had been on the plane for 7 hours--HOLY COW!!! We could have been in Hawaii by then!! Or at least to Cedar City Utah if I had decided to drive home!! But we finally got back to Midway--circled once, and landed! 6 hours late! My husband had sat at the airport for nearly 6 hours! We got home at 4:30 am, and he literally was up before 6 and out the door to work! Poor guy!!

We have three feet of snow in front of our house! I had to dig my car out in my slippers this afternoon!! I WANT TO GO BACK TO PHOENIX!!!!!