Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sick Again??? Or Still Sick!!

Yep, you heard/read that right! I AM STILL SICK!! I just spent the week in Phoenix and had great health--well, considering what I normally live with-but I was honestly feeling like I was getting better. Ok, at night I still got a little congested, but other than that--I was great! But not anymore! That lung is still trying to get itself "expectorated"!! I've just doped up on Nyquil (again) and will hopefully get a better sleep!

I put on my favorite forums that I'm starting up an Alexa Project! I've had soooooo many people interested--and I have such hope for it----and guys--if you are is coming!!! I promise! Today I have been fighting coughing jags and some darn Trojan virus!!! So it's been a slow going day! But I will get back on it, and get you all the info!