Saturday, February 28, 2009

John Barrett Linton!!

These are paintings done by my Great Grandfather. Apparently there are many of them floating around. I'm going to try to hunt down more and get them posted as well! I'm a strange one when it comes to holding on to personal mementos. My mom calls me a pack rat, and I really can't argue with her. However, collecting his artwork this way, is a lot less "space taking" than collecting the actual pictures.

My youngest is named Barrett Linton. I guess you can't guess where that name came from. I never met my great grandfather--but his name and stories have been passed down from generation. I've heard nothing but immense love for him from all of his family members. My grandmother was his daughter. If my youngest had been a girl he would have had her name--Katelynn "Dorothy" Noel would have been her name. Katelynn because it's my favorite name--Dorothy because it was my grandma's name and Noel because my grandma was born and died on Christmas day. But he was born a he--so we went to the most important man in her life--and that was her dad-John Barrett Linton.


Happy Blogger said...

What a beautiful blog you have. You are very talented. Your Grandfather's pictures are beautiful! Keep up the good work. Peggy