Sunday, March 01, 2009

More Great Grandpa Paintings!!

Earlier today I put up two pictures that my great grandfather had painted. I got to talking to my mom and found out that before a reunion some time ago--other parts of the family had gotten together and photographed the pictures that they owned. My mom emailed me the pictures--I was amazed--because I had never seen any of these before. So I decided to put them up here as well!!

**Just an added note about these paintings. My great-grandfather was not a rich man. He couldn't afford canvas, so he painted on masonite. It's really an interesting choice because it gives the texture of canvas. He also couldn't afford to pile on the paint like so many have, so in some spots, as the paintings age, the paint is coming off and the masonite is showing. I don't know why this struck me as interesting--but they are such pretty paintings--so I thought I would share some extra trivia!!


Richard said...

Those are great. I have never thought about doing that, but my grandmother has been sending us hand drawn cards (birthday, holidays) for years. She is a wonderful artist. Maybe I will scan them and post them later. Thanks.

salsansom said...

WOW I never knew we had a painter in the family! I hope my kids got some of these genes! These pictures are amazing. Thanks Robyn for having the idea to share them. I love learning things about family members!