Monday, March 02, 2009


Oh, I'm still getting back in the groove of being back home. I don't know why everything is so out of control after a vacation! Add on top of that the fact that I'm going on 7 weeks of being sick--and I guess there is a little reason for it!

But really, this is ridiculous! I've got laundry coming out my ears--clean and dirty!! My living room is out of control--I have to clean the boys room before I can move the other things out of my living room and into their bedroom!

I've got 2 pinewood derby cars to paint with the boys. Painted they are--they just need to get their decals on and then I need to clear coat them and work on the wheels and the weights! Any good Pinewood Derby racer would know--it's all in the wheels and weights!

Last year Jake's car took #1 over all. Yep--all me with the wheels and weights!!

We will be defending our title this Saturday morning at our Pinewood Derby! Can't wait!