Saturday, March 07, 2009

March Madness!

It' s March! That is amazing! March, of course, means NCAA Mens Basketball--and March Madness. I was talking to Jake on his way to Basketball camp--this is the first March Madness he's shown any interest in. He and his brother have worked out their brackets already! How, you may ask??? Well, they've made it up! All 64 teams--whichever team is a favorite--it's in the bracket! Now--I honestly don't know how many of their "dream teams" will actually make it to the Big Dance--but it's really fun talking about it with my 9 year old.

I think he's rooting for UCON!! When they go to Bulls games or watch them on tv--they do the starting line up word for word with the announcer--it's amazing to hear. But what was so funny is they kept saying "From Utah--Ben Gordon"--Now I have to tell you--I was raised on University of Utah basketball--and I'm pretty darn sure that I would have known if Ben Gordon came out of Utah!! So I started listening--and they don't say Utah--they say UCON!

We'll be Tivo'ing many of the games! I love that my boys have taken such in interest in a good healthy sport!!