Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Leap Day Memories!!

Today is the last day of February! Well, next year it won't be! I LOVE Leap Year! I don't know why--it's not like it's a really big deal--but so much in my life has happened on that one little day that pops up every now and again!

My parents first laid eye's on each other 27 years ago on Leap Year. Of course, we celebrate--oh, I guess I should say --they celebrate it on the 28th, but still every 4th year--it's kind of a fun anniversary to have!

I got my mission call to Japan on the 29th! I can still remember it as though it was yesterday! I was going to surprise my mom with my call-so I arranged to have it sent to the neighbors house. Normally, a mission call comes the Friday after you turn it in-but due to some scheduling conflicts--mine came 3 weeks later. What a long 3 weeks those were! Anyway...I took off from work early that day and headed home to wait. We started talking about cool places to go, and my mom (for the second or third time in 24 hours) said how much safer Japan is than most countries. Well, the neighbors finally called--and my mom and I headed over to get my call. Oh yeah--I guess I should point out-don't bother trying to hide such a huge thing from your mom--it NEVER works! So we see the neighbor out at the end of her driveway so I take off running. As I'm running back to my mom, I was opening the letter. We got together in the middle of the street, and read line by line by line. I was called to serve in the Japan Nagoya Mission. We started to cry and hug and jump around! The neighbor was waiting at the end of her driveway--and we had lumps in our throats--but finally managed to yell back where I was going! Japan! That was 15 years ago!

That is amazing! What a great day the 29th is, huh!!