Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Travel Blog!!

Today my goal is to not only clean my house and keep my kids happy, but I would like to convert my "family" blog into a fun and exciting new site all together! We had so much fun redecorating a template yesterday--that I'm itchin' to do it again! So I think I'll sit down and go through some of the amazing, exotic, beautiful and fun areas of the world that we've visited and add them to a new "travel" blog! Talk about some of the resorts around the world, tell you some of their secrets--you know--just fun stuff! But I will work on that blog a little later this afternoon!

Tonight we have Basketball camp and the Blue and Gold banquet for my son's Cub Scouts. He finally got his Wolf rank last Pack meeting but they didn't have him take part in the "Wolf" right of passage--so he'll do that tonight! Plus, they are going to be able to run the Derby again. Jake won the whole thing last Saturday morning--but Grayson didn't get a chance to race his car--so tonight will be his chance to go up against his brother!