Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Times Have Changed!!

There is something very strange about being part of a family where there is such a vast chasm in ages between my kids and the other grandkids. My oldest is 9 whereas the next youngest grandchild is 18. Talk about a generation gap! Birthday's, Christmas', High School Graduations--these are all gifting moments that aren't that easy for me to 'gift'!

When I was their age we didn't have any of the hi-tech gizmo's that they have--and their lives seem to revolve around! We had very "old" computers in my high school--old fashioned typewriters, and the beloved Sony Walkman!! Have you seen what these kids carry around lately? Of course you haven't! They are so small-so thin-so compact--but they can each hold like 600 songs! If I wanted 600 songs traveling with me--I would have needed a backpack to carry all of my cassette tapes!!

Sansa e280 MP3 player is an example of what I'm talking about! It's very thin at 0.5"--I don't know how any teenage keeps track of something so small--have you seen their bedrooms?? The nice thing is that it runs on replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, and offers up to 20 hours worth of battery life. This is a flash based player that provides everything you need for music, photo and video clip playback! If you need more memory there is an expandable memory available through a MicroSD memory card slot.

I guess it isn't too hard to see why these MP3 players are all the rage! Kids really do have some pretty good knowledge when it comes to their music equipment--just like we were with ours!!