Saturday, February 03, 2007

Superbowl Fever Hits Chicago!!

These are the AWESOME helmets on the Art Institute lions! There was a HUGE traffic jam while everyone clammoured to get pictures of them. I must say--it was amazingly cool! We ended up at the stop light right in front of the Southern Lion! Totally Sweet!! You can see how huge they are on the right side picture with the 2 people standing just behind them and to the left--the people are TINY!!

Next we moved on to Soldier Field for it's photo op--and we passed the Field Museum--you know the one with Sue the dinosaur. While we were passing we found this cool dino skeleton wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey! So cute!! The second picture is a little blurry--but I just wanted to make sure we captured his jersey!!

Last but not least--we hung out until it got dark, and took some pictures of the building with their words lit up! They are kinda hard to see, but well worth putting up anyway! My favorite is below---they managed to get the Bears head out of lights with an XLI underneath it! It was the coolest!!