Monday, February 05, 2007

What A Disappointment!!

Yes--the Superbowl in general was a big flop to me! Mind you the opening kick off was miraculous--but it just looked like a pro team playing a college team for awhile there! I LOVE Peyton Manning--stated that many times!! But I was really disappointed that the Bears looked so bad! And if I had paid $7000 bucks to be there, I would be mighty ticked that it wasn't in a "dome" or at least a building with a roof! That drizzling rain was positively distracting!! But even losing the game and the rain aren't the biggest disappointments of the evening!

Prince???? What??? That was a totally LAME half time. Billy Joel was amazing as the singer of the National Anthem. My sister and I laughed about how he is the only one we've seen that has actually sung the song how it was written! We get so tired of the trilling and warbling yodeling that seems to overtake so many National Anthem singers lately! Just sing the song how it was written--it just send chills up my spine when it's sung well! Oh the pride! We had kind of wished that they would have switched the two--but guaranteed Prince would have killed the anthem--probably wouldn't have even sung it--just played his guitar solo through it! Bleck! And I'm sorry--what was that dead duck thingy doing on his head!

Now for the most disappointing item of the whole football experience! The commercials----SUCKED!!! There was ONE--only one that I even chuckled at--it was the Fedex in space one--still stupid--but I did laugh when they knocked their partner out into space only to be pummeled by a meteor! But still--that was the highlight of the evening! It was just a really lame Superbowl!!

I think next year they are going to have to roll out the red carpet and have E interview the players as they come out onto the field! "And Brian Urlacher, who are you wearing?" "Ah, well, thanks Ryan--I'm wearing official NFL gear, but the helmet is, uh..." That's how they made the awards ceremonies better! Everyone watches the fashions and then changes the channel when the awards begin!


Lisa said...

I said that same thing after Billy Joel was done. I hope they ask him to do it again.