Saturday, February 10, 2007


We are still on vacation! Phoenix is as beautiful as when we moved away from it! We moved the middle of August which was very unfair in my mind! I had suffered through the summer and just as the weather becomes "enviable" by every other part of the population--we move to Chicago for a very icy winter!!

Flying in my husband and I both mentioned how much we didn't realize that we missed it here. It is home to us and was for several years--but now-I'm honestly thinking it will become home again! Maybe not this year or next--but definitely we'll be back. When we do, I am going to follow my aunts footsteps and buy a cheap condo in Utah. Then on the last day of school in Phoenix--we will head to the condo in Utah for the summer. Then back to Phoenix when school starts. Then my mom comes to Phoenix for a couple of months during the winter and I would get to see her then too! I think it works out perfectly!