Monday, March 05, 2007

Ben Gordon--#7!!

We took the boys to see Ben Gordon of the Bulls tonight! We took the digital camera-but only had literally 10 seconds in front of the man-so a photo was not possible!! I was amazed at how fast he signs his name! He signed 2 8x10 glossies for us as well as a Bulls Basketball.

Next week Chris Duhon will be at a store in Arlington Heights--so we will take the boys and the basketball over there for his. By the end of this-we should have all of the Bulls players signatures on this ball! Then I will take a photo!!

After the autographing--we headed to the Olive Garden for dinner! The kids were a little over excited--but the Olive Garden isn't a quiet restaurant so it wasn't too bad!! Dinner was yummy--so not on my diet plan--but oh well!! It tasted good--and I didn't have to cook it - or clean it!! So worth spending the money when I don't have to clean up!!