Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cake Decorating!!

Ok--I found this amazing video from YouTube on someone else's blog!

Now you have to understand--I LOVE CAKE DECORATING!! I actually Tivo the show "Ace of Cakes" just to watch them make and decorate cakes. Now--as fun and freeing as fondant is--there is nothing like a hand decorated cake with the whipped frosting. Far more skill is required in that-than just rolling out your fondant and cookie cutter-ing pieces out to decorate with. Let me see Mr. Fondant Man, basketweave a 5 layer cake with buttercream!! I've done it--it was hard work--but awesomely fun!!

On Ace of Cakes, the bakery gets a lot of requests from people to have a cake shaped like their pet. In one show-a Vet's office called in wanting a "dog" cake. The girl on the phone had to explain to her that although it is really nice to have this cake shaped like your dog--you do take a sharp object and plunge it deeply into the animal--completely dismember the poor thing--and then EAT him! That made a lot of sense. But then with this video--the baby is so real looking--all I can say is--if you can cut this cake and eat it--there is SERIOUSLY something wrong with you!!