Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Evening!!

Today my kids went to the neighbor's house to play. Normally it would be a wonderful evening off--but I can feel that I'm starting to slip into the bonds of depression--so really it just made me sad that out of 4 kids-none of them wanted to stay home and hang out with mom. My baby was the only one that stayed home--but even he was broken hearted to be left behind! I guess I'm not as hip a mom as I thought I was!! What made things worse--they all come waltzing in at 8:30 pm--and ask--"What's for dinner?" Now mind you--I don't expect the neighbor to feed my kids--in fact, it generally makes me uncomfortable when she does--but I completely had forgotten about dinner. I had nothing planned, cooked or possible to cook! I had talked to my mom earlier and they had had eggs and hashbrowns for lunch. So I quickly shredded some potatoes--fried them and threw two eggs on top for each child! When I'm in the depression mode-I'm not very hungry! So I didn't eat that. My husband came home from work, where he had made Bailey's Irish Cheesecake for desserts at the restaurant and he brought me a piece home. That made a lovely dinner!!