Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cheffin' It!!

I am wanting to set up a website--It's a blog--because that's all I know how to set up. But I want it to deal with cooking. It's name is Cheffin' It--and you can find it here: Cheffin' It! It has a Pillsbury Doughboy theme, and I really like it's template. I've come so far since making my New Years Resolution to design my own template. I've done 6--and I love them all! Anyway--back to my Cheffin' It, I'm not really looking to "monetize" it--I would really just like to have a fun recipe, gadget, appliance--freebies blog--that also incorporates some of the funny stories that my husband tells of life in the restaurant business--and even some helpful hints from the Chef!! I would also like to have items from Pampered Chef down the sidebar. I don't work for Pampered Chef--and really don't want to--I would be more interested in placing the fun items as a "spotlight" on my blog--but if someone were to click through it would take them to a real consultants site. I think that is a while off though--but it sounds fun! Anyway--check it out, and tell me what you think! I would love any comments or suggestions anyone may have!!