Saturday, March 17, 2007

Technical Loser!!

Yesterday I made mention of being technically dumb! I made 3 goals to accomplish on the techy side of this blog--1st--I wanted to figure out the "Cloud" that Kai has on her blog. 2nd--I wanted to figure out how to do the Favicon--that Kai has on her blog! 3rd--I wanted to figure out how to get the "Visual DNA" that (you guessed it) Kai has on her blog!! Do you sense a theme here? Is it that I want my blog to be exactly like Kai's??? NOOOOO, the theme is that Kai is succeeding in adding fun, cute and new things to her blog--and I'm a LOSER baby!! Well, I have an update!! I went through my blog sometime last week and added labels to all of my posts. It took forever. But then I noticed that it was too much of a hassle to keep adding the labels, and I'd forget them sometimes and have to go back in to add them! Well, no more! Yesterday--I went through, and got rid of all of the labels. I had done it to see what kind of blog I have-and you know what?? I have a parenting/general lifestyle blog! I knew it before the labels and I still know it now! So being that I don't have labels anymore--I guess I un-labeled myself right out of the cute little "Label Cloud"! Sad--but happy to knock one item off of the list of tech things I want!!