Sunday, March 18, 2007


I don't handle change very well sometimes!! When we were back in Utah last summer I finally got to see the finished construction project that my high school had become. Now I do need to say--I graduated from High School on my school's Diamond Anniversary--it was 75 years old. So yes--a redo was in order, but oh my heavens--I would have driven right past it had I not known what it was.

They've done it again! When I was little we would walk to a swimming pool really far away from our home, all alone! Mind you--It was the late 70's and the world was a lot different then and in Bountiful, Utah. We called it the "Bubble" because in the winter they would cover the huge outdoor swimming pool with a huge bubble. On the other side was a lovely ice rink. Well, I noticed last summer that there was a lot of construction going on around "The Bubble", and read in the Utah papers today--that it's gone! There is still a swimming pool, and a skating rink--but now theres a running track, a climbing wall--so many new things that weren't even heard of when I was little!

The huge park out front is still there which is great! Every year they hold a huge festival called "Handcart Days" to commemorate the Pioneers making it the Salt Lake Valley. It's my favorite thing ever. The last time I went, Blakelynn was just 6 months old. But it was still fun to be there! I love carnival food--That sounds so dumb--But I love it! I can't wait till Village Street Festivals start here! I should get to have a couple before we head to Utah again!! I will have to stop by the recreation center and see if the finished project is better than the original! (As if I need to ask!!)