Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Marriage!!

Last night was my mom and dad's 27th Anniversary of their first date! I was talking to her today--and she said, "That first date blessed my life everyday after it!" How sweet is that! The still celebrate the little anniversaries leading up to their wedding anniversary. What a "Romantic" my mom married. He took her back to the same restaurant that they went to 27 years ago.

My husband and I are only heading up to number 10--I can't even imagine anything over 25--so many couples these days don't make it anywhere close to 27. The important thing I've learned from my parents marriage--if it seems like marriage is "hard" then you are missing something. In our 10 years together, my husband has never raised his voice at me. We've never had a verbal argument, and our kids have never heard anything but absolute love and respectful words between their parents. Sure, we've had differences of opinions--but nothing big. Sure he does things that ABSOLUTELY drive me BATTY!!! But I'm sure there are a ton of things that I do that drive him nuts.

I have a couple of rules--the first is the very most important--"If you didn't have to do the chore--you don't get to complain about how it was done". This comes in handy when my sweet husband cleans the kitchen--and then I have to go on a treasure hunt to find everything--but hey, I didn't have to clean--I don't get to complain about it! And the second rule--"If saying something will cause more of a problem, but not fix the original problem--bite your tongue!" These two things alone--and amazing chemistry--has kept this marriage happy and really "easy" for 10 years!!


Richard said...

My wife and I learned years ago not to even talk to each other in the morning. Early on some of the most horrific fights were first thing in the morning, and we are just not morning people at all.