Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm A Loser!!

Ok--Kai!! I know you stop by here--you may just drop into the sidebar--but holy cow woman--you are KILLIN' ME!! Now I know I laugh about the 'cloud' thing--I'm going to work on that today--I Will Succeed!! However, yesterday I moved off of your site to try the "Favicon" thing. 2 minutes---I quote Chris said "2 Minutes" from beginning to end! Well, I'm a L-O-S-E-R cause I spent 3 hours on it--and I still have the little "Blogger" B on my sites! I do have to say--I loved your comments on Chris' site--they were what I was thinking exactly--till I got to the last one--you succeeded--I still FAILED!! Oh, Woe Is Me!!! I really need the book "Blogging For Dummies" and if it isn't out yet---you technically minded people would make a killing!! I'd buy it!

So here are my "techy" goals for the day!! 1--figure out the cloud-- 2--figure out the favicon -- and 3--figure out how to get the "Visual DNA" to load on my blog. If I put it in the sidebar--it works just fine. When I put it in the post--it's missing a code somewhere--and I can't find it!! So there--check in tomorrow and see if I am still the big loser!!


Stephanie said...

Funny you saying you need "Blogging for Dummies", then there is little ol' me sitting here wondering what the heck you are talking about! You are WAY over my head! Love ya Sis!