Friday, March 09, 2007

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!!

Ok, I've talked on and on a bit lately about how good I was eating. No sweets--No breads--No worthless carbs (except for complex carbs)--well, I've been doing great! Then tonight was pizza night. We normally get a take and bake pizza home from the local grocery. It's very tasty, and on Friday--very cheap! $4.99 for a large! But then I remembered the noxious gases that were escaping from my oven (due to lack of cleaning) -- so a take and bake was out of the question. So we headed to Little Cesaear's for their Hot N Ready deal. Well, they had Italian Cheese Bread cooked and ready to go! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Italian Cheeeeeeeese Bread!!! Well, let's just say--out of 10 pieces--only 2 made it home--and 2 were eaten in the car by Grayson--that leaves 6!!! SIX pieces of cheese bread consumed by my stomach!!! OH MY GOSH!! No wonder I feal "Wonky" today!!