Friday, March 09, 2007

Morning Snuggles!!

I had a chance to re-live a really sweet memory this morning. When we lived in Utah we had a big Pitbull/Boxer mix dog. His name was Buzz and my husband had been adopted by Buzz who was roaming his Cooking School's parking lot. He made the move to Utah with my husband--and I was adopted into the pack when we got married.

In November of 1997 I had my first baby, a little boy named Jake. In January, Buzz started having "age" problems and we decided it would be best for him if he was put to sleep. We were going to do that on Monday--so I thought it would be nice on Sunday, to have my sister in law come over, she is a professional photographer, and she could take a nice portrait of Buzz. So he gets his photo shoot, and when she's done, my two month old wakes up upstairs. So I went and got him and in the morning he's all warm and snuggly with "bed head". So I brought him down and my sister in law said, "Oh, it's so fun to have one of those to wake up to!" She and my brother hadn't had any kids yet--so it was kind of her first experience having one who just woke up. She now has 3 of her own--and has had that fun experience countless times!

Well, last night Barrett-my baby--had a rough night. He was up for more milk every hour, and then finally came and crawled in bed with us around 3 am. I woke up to get the boys to school and found this warm lump next to me. He was awake when the boys left and I walked over to snuggle him...and there was that warm, snuggly--gushy--morning baby moment!! I haven't had it in a long time--and I didn't realize just how much I miss it!!