Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laundry Monster Slowly Dying!!

Today was laundry day! My mom is in town--and I hung out with her this afternoon and watched "The Singles Ward" (SOOOOOOOOO TRUE). After I picked up the kids from school, she and my dad headed up to Ulta to get Nailtec for my mom. It's her favorite thing for her nails-so it's always one of her stops when she is out here.

While they were gone-I had Jake help me bring up the 7 baskets of clean laundry. It needed to be folded and hung on hangers. I keep telling my mom--I have way too much laundry in this house--but I'm not quite sure she was expecting what she saw!! She and my dad came in with a Dunkin' Donuts treat for my boys (I'll explain in the next post), and then they both sat down and literally started to fold my laundry. It was so strange--my mom was working a pile--I was working a pile--and my sweet daddy was working a pile! I felt like a "sludge" but it certainly made the work that much more fun.

Grandpa was working on Barrett's basket of clothes and everytime he would he would pick up a shirt to hang on a hanger he would tell Blakelynn that it was her shirt. She would giggle everytime. Finally she caught on, and the next time he asked her if a certain shirt was hers-she'd giggle and say--Nope, it's yours! It was really sweet! My dad has asked for the past two days to take his Grand-daughter to school! I just love that she is adored by her two grandpa's!!