Monday, March 05, 2007

My Honey!!

Tomorrow is my husbands day off. Amazing I know--he actually has two in a row! Now that doesn't mean that he won't hear from work at least 27 times tomorrow--but he will be home and relaxed, so I don't mind!

We do have to take my van to the dealership. It's got something funky going on with the brakes--and the remote Key is wiggy--so we will take Blakelynn to school, and then drop the van off! I can't wait! I know it sounds dumb to be excited to take a van in--it may end up costing hundreds of dollars--but I'm excited because it means a lunch date with my husband!

Almost 3 years ago (March 9) he was injured at work. He herniated a disk in his neck, has had a fusion surgery at c4/c5 and suffers from partial paralysis in his right arm and he lives all day every day in immense pain. He was out of work for nearly 1 year. Right before his 1 year mark, I said--if you are going to be home all day everyday--we are going to start having a weekly lunch date. So one Wednesday he took me to a wonderful shrimp restaurant. While there we ran into his best friends dad. He and Sweet Baby Ray (BBQ Sauce fame) had just bought this little shrimp restaurant and they were going to turn it into a BBQ restaurant. They started talking--and less than a week later my husband had been hired on as a consultant to get this restaurant up and running. He's a Chef--and had been hurt in the kitchen. Due to his injury and subsequent paralysis, he couldn't imagine that he would ever work in the kitchen again. But here he was--running the opening of a restaurant! Now 3 years and a total of 2 restaurants later--he's back to his "Work-a-holic" ways. That first lunch date at the shrimp restaurant with my husband--was my last! We've gone out a couple of times since then--but not the weekly date that I wanted!! So tomorrow it will be just he and I and Barrett--and I can't wait!!