Monday, March 05, 2007

Alarm Clock!!

The kids actually slept in a little later today! Last Friday morning I was up at 6 am with Barrett, and thought I would try something. I changed the clock in the boys room from reading 6:00 to reading 3:00. My hope was--when they normally wake up at 8 o'clock they would see that it was only 5 in the morning and snuggle down a little bit more.

Jake was up early--and when I asked him what time he got up--he said--5:00. So it didn't work! He did help take care of the little ones so that I could get a little more sleep--but with 4 little kids running around the house--2 playing basketball in their bedroom--it's kinda hard to do too much snoozing!

Well, today--they didn't wake up until after 9! That is too bad---it took them the whole 4 day weekend to finally sleep in a bit! Now its back up at 8 tomorrow for school!!