Friday, March 23, 2007

My World!!

I thought I would take a few moments and introduce you to my world. Do you remember at the end of the Tom Hanks movie "Big" when the little boys were walking home. They were headed down a tree lined street, with cookie cutter houses. Now you have to understand--It's early Spring, and there aren't any leaves on the trees--but this is what my street looked like yesterday. When it is summer or fall and the leaves are full--it is that same feeling that I get when I watch the movie.

We live in Chicago Bungalows. They are historic treasures to someone in the government--not so much to the homeowners!! They are all basically the same. Some have a little smaller floor plan with flat front windows. We have a "Great 8"-don't know what that means other than ours is a little bigger with the octagon'ish windows. More like the house closest to the camera. However, our house is a golden yellow. It's a fun area for the most part. Cars speed down our street--but the kids best friends live in the house closest to the camera-and ours is next door to the house with only the stairs showing.


grace said...

Hello, just bloghopping. I love the the look of your neighborhood. What a great scene. By the way, I know I have lots of reading to do in this blog but can I ask why your blog name is in Japanese? I lived in Japan for 12 years. (Hubby is Jap)