Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cute Knut!!

Did you hear about the animal rights activist wacko---Frank Albrecht wrote that a zoo in Germany that has adopted and is caring for a 3 month old abandoned baby Polar Bear, should put the bear down. He criticized that the bear, named Knut, is being humiliatingly subjected to hand feeding and 'snuggling'. Since it is inappropriate to be kept alive by human intervention--we should just kill it.

Is he serious?? What does he think the welfare system is doing? We are hand feeding and paying all life expenses for millions of people. Should we put them down? It's got to be humiliating for some to collect their checks every month-and oh, that walk from the couch to the mailbox--is a killer!

So do we now stop trying to save the whales? The Dolphins? Phone P.E.T.A.--apparently we aren't going to be working to stop fur farms either--we are just not allowed to "Save" anything!!

I don't care if you choose a "cause" and get behind it--just keep your feet planted firmly on the facts, and stop letting the "crap" go to your head!! Most Activists can't do that though--they get caught up and swept away in the moment--and then they spout silly crap--like Mr. Albrecht.


Lisa said...

Exactly what I was thinking -- thank you for posting this!