Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am happy to report that just a few Happy Pills later--I'm am feeling depression free! Why oh Why do I not take my pills?? I've also been trying to get to bed at a regular "early" time for me, and I must say that is helping as well.

Yesterday was really a struggle with Jake--but I kept my cool. I spoke softly--I was able to vocalize my thoughts without yelling--and that is tremendous on my part! My kids don't get slapped around--spanked on occassion, but only ever the tush--never hit on any other part of the body. Jacob hasn't been spanked in years--but he got a pretty good one on his tushy for pushing his 2 year old brother to the ground. This was all last week of course--fully medicated, I'm much more in control of myself and the situation.

I will run out of my happy pills when I take my last one on Saturday--and I will get the new ones on Wednesday--so I'm thinking I'm going to skip one today and take one tomorrow and then skip one on Saturday and take one on Sunday--then it's a staggered skip--instead of 4 whole days! That way I think I can control the day a little better than a full 4 days off. We'll see!