Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Hoped It Would...

...but it didn't work! Was I was hoping too much from too little? I brought the boys home from school today--and immediately Jake starts in at Blakelynn. He blames her for everything that goes wrong in his world. Today Barrett got into his Basketball Cards--a big No No--but instead of getting angry with the 'babysitter'--ME--he's tormenting Blake. I'm sorry--she's been at school all day--and why are you yelling anyway! You are supposed to have kept the cards higher than the 2 year olds reach!

I was hoping our night out last night would help not only our relationship--but also that with his family. We are 20 minutes down--and it's seeming to be a massive FAILURE!! But -- we will keep trying!!

I should point out that the "hair" from this morning--did the trick! The little girl that he likes--thought he looked really nice--he even had a little boy, Matthew, comment on how nice he looked! Matthew---you DAWG!! He's trying to impress the girl!!