Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!!

Today is the first day of Spring--although--it actually started last night at 7:07 pm--but looking out the door this morning--I can tell you--it doesn't look like Spring. Yesterday was warm with a gentle breeze--this morning it is raining! Where is the fun in that? Everything is the muddy and clammy--Miserable!!

This morning--I used a little 'product' in Jake's hair. He needs a haircut--but only on the sides. So I used a little mousse. He looked so handsome going to school! Gotta keep him handsome--seeing how the little girl he has a crush on sits in front of him at his table--looking at him all day! So we took a little extra care--and made him a little piece of "eye candy"!! Good Luck, Sweetie!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it doesn't seem much like spring here either. It's cold and there is still lots of snow and ice on the ground.