Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bulls Playoff Game 2!!

These are the pictures from our evening out with the boys! I have to say--it was worth every penny. We had so much fun, it was such a good game, and it was really cool to see my boys in their element. Throughout the game they did several photo collages of the Bulls of Yesterday. They started with Jerry Sloan--who I knew-because he's been the coach of the Utah Jazz as long as I can remember. After him I was clueless-yet my 7 year old next to me just rolled out with the names of the players. As soon as he would say the name the name would come up on the screen--and he was 100% correct! I was amazed. They got up to the Michael Jordan years-and I knew many more-but as soon as Jordan was gone, I was lost again. But not DG--he kept right on going. We got to the team this year-and again, I knew a couple mainly because of the boys and their interest in the game. We got to see the 6 World Champion Trophies (Golden Globes as they are called!) The boys wanted their picture with the Michael Jordan statue out in front of the United Center. Next time we are in Utah-we are going to have to get the boys picture under the Karl Malone and John Stockton statues. It was fun to be a part of a playoff NBA game.

I've gotten to see many NBA games and many hockey games--but the hockey playoffs (White Out-with the Phoenix Coyotes) and the NBA playoff games have been the most exciting. The Bulls got the original jump ball-but because the ref under threw it, they had to do it again. The Heat got the second jump (just as awful of a toss) and the game started. The Heat took the lead first off of free throws by Shaq-he made them both, in fact the first 5 point for the Heat were made from Shaq and his free throws. After the very beginning the Heat never led again. They tied the score twice at 15 and again 38, but the Bulls who had leads as much as 20 points would take the lead after the tie and steadily climb back to 15 points up. They ended up by 17 or 18, it would have been 20 except for the last second basket by the Heat. I don't know if that was a 2 or a 3 pointer--all I know--the Heat was down by 20 with 2 minutes left when Pat Riley conceded the game and pulled all of his starters. Scott Skiles did the same thing and every starter got a cheer and chant as they were seated to finish the game on the bench.

I went into the game with Ben Gordon and Chris Duhon as my favorites. They are the two we stood in line to see and get autographs. But after watching this game and the first playoff game--I have to say, Nocconi and Deng are my favorites by far!!

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