Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today was my Sweet Daddy's birthday! It's his Diamond Birthday--kind of perfect since he spent his life working in the diamond industry! You've heard me "GUSH" about my dad on this blog before--and I really, really, REALLY want to again on this post--but I'm not feeling my best--and should be heading to bed, so let me just leave him a little note!!

To My Sweet Daddy!!

Happy 75th Birthday to the man who raised me. Fed me. Loved me. Bought my first car. Put braces on my teeth. Worried on my first date. Paid for college. Cried when I went to Japan. Cried when I got home from Japan. Walked me down the aisle at my wedding. Came to the birth of all of my children. Provided a home, a family, a mom to me. Loved me unconditionally.

You are my hero! You are the very essence of what I want my children to become. You are honest, trustworthy, patient, virtuous, faithful, loving, kind--and honestly--best of all--You are MY DAD!!

I love you Dad!! More than you will ever know! You have changed our lives for the better, from the moment you stepped into it. We would truly be nothing without you--and I know that because we were weren't so great before we got you! I'm not sure how we convinced you to take us on--but 27 years of blissful marriage later--I'm so glad you did! It is an honor to call you Dad--and I'm so glad that you found us!

Ok, gushing to be continued at another date!


loretta said...

That was a great tribute to your dad! I hope my kids talk about us like that some day. :)